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School History


School History article by Megan Taylor

Oh, the wonderful Grantsville Junior High. Having been a Grantsville native, this school has always been around. From Jr Jazz basketball games, to seeing the Jr high production of Grease and Hairspray, this school has always been here. In fact, it’s been around for almost as much as some of our parents have been! The school was built way back in 1983, where they had many grades, including fifth and sixth grade. We’ve been home to amazing teachers, like Ms. Lindberg, Mr. Mower, Mrs. Sagers, and the amazing Mr. Snow, who happened to be last year’s teacher of the year!

Can you believe that there were 4 grades at GJHS? The 5th graders were here from 1983 to 1993 and the 6th graders were here even longer, 1983 to 2002! This school that is now Grantsville Jr. High School used to be called Grantsville Middle School until they remodeled the school.  There used to be Kivas that some of the classes would go in, until they remodeled. They remodeled the office, 8th grade hall and then took out the Kivas. The school was very crowded, especially when there were assemblies.  Every once in a while the basketball games were busy also.  Since it got really crowded the 5th and 6th graders left. That is when it was named Grantsville Jr High School instead of Grantsville Middle School. It is very interesting to learn about our schools past.      

The junior high has been through a lot in its lifetime. The biggest, most prominent memory, was when the school burned down and they had to bus many, many students up here. I remember the day the elementary school burnt down. It was over the summer, and I remember going down there to see the wreckage the morning after, and my mom got to be interviewed while she was on the scene! The second memory, almost as popular, was when they added the new hallway onto the south end of the school year during the 2005-2006 school year. This added more room for classrooms, so we could hold more students.